Facebook Customer Care Support Service: How to Contact Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media site and billions of people use it worldwide and anyone can face any problem while using Facebook and may have some questions regarding Facebook features, in that case, you may want to contact the Facebook support team to help you.

Here in this post, we will discuss Facebook customer care support service and different types of ways to contact Facebook for your problem solution or question’s answer.

Facebook Customer Care Support Service

For contacting Facebook, you may be searching for Facebook customer care toll-free number, Facebook support email address and Facebook live chat option.

Every company provides its customer care service for the customer’s queries, for solving their problems, and answering their questions about the service, platform or anything that the company is providing to them.

Facebook provides its social media platform to people to connect other peoples by adding them as a friend and have conversations with them with its features of messaging, calling and video calling and in many more way.

Also, Facebook provides, a Facebook business platform to advertise on Facebook and grow your business with it.

And lots of more features on Facebook like growing your own community with your own Facebook page or group.

These all features have many options to use and you may get confused about how to use them or maybe you are facing any problem with them and you want to contact Facebook to get help.

Let’s discuss, from which ways you can contact Facebook for your help regarding any problem you have with using any Facebook service or feature.

Is There Any Facebook Customer Care Number?

This is the most common way and simplest way that people contact companies for their concerns as this way enable you to talk directly to the real person and help you on the phone call, the best part is mostly the customer care numbers are toll-fee.

If we talk about Facebook customer care number then Facebook provides no Customer care number to contact them.

It is not also shocking to hear as we already know Facebook has a very large amount of userbase and if they provide a customer care number then they are going to receive tons of phone calls daily which I think they won’t be able to handle.

Again to tell you that there is no Customer care number of Facebook, nighter for general help nor for Facebook ads or business as per my research.

You will find many fake numbers on the web, don’t call them.

Big companies like Facebook and Google have no common customer care numbers available to contact them directly, instead, they have ready-made help communities, FAQs, topics, questions answers pages to solve your problem.

Is There Any Facebook Customer Care Email Address?

No, there is no contact or support email address of Facebook to contact them and tell our problem. You can only look up your problems and questions in their Help Center pre-made articles, posts.

Is There Any Facebook Customer Care Live Chat?

Earlier, Facebook used to give live chat option where we can talk to Facebook customer care agents but now it also closed and you will no longer find this option on Facebook to live chat with their customer care agents.

How Can I Contact Facebook?

Now if there is no Facebook customer care number, email address and live chat option now we will contact Facebook for our problem?

Well, Facebook wants people to find their problem’s solution and question’s answer in their guides, ready-made articles which are in fact very helpful but the only thing you need to find them on Facebook Help Center and Facebook Business help center.

Help and Support for Facebook Account

If your problem or question regarding Facebook is common then you will find your answer in the Facebook help center where you will find topics in which your question can fall into, like:

  • Your profile and settings
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Messaging
  • Facebook Notifications
  • Using Facebook
  • Managing your Facebook account
  • Privacy and Safety
facebook help center

facebook help center

If your question is related to the above topics and their sub-topics then you can easily find answers in that.

Most of the time you will find your question and its answer regarding your concern but what if you can’t find your question in these topics?

Then you can visit Facebook help community where people like you submit or ask their questions and people who know it, answers your question, sometimes Facebook experts also answer the questions.

facebook help community

facebook help community

You will find many already asked questions and before submitting your own question you can search if there is already that question is asked and answered.

If you find your question then it’s great you got your answer and if not then submit a new question there and wait for the answer.

That’s not the only way you can find your problem’s solution and get answered for your question, you can find solutions on the web, Google search or YouTube search as well.

Blogs like our this blog Facebguide helps you in Facebook by its tutorials, guides, questions answers posts, and in many more ways we help our visitors.

If you really can’t find your problem’s solution or question’s answer about Facebook’s general use or its features then you can also ask us and we will help you with it, visit our contact page and ask us any question and we will answer and will also make it as a post for all other people on this blog.

Help and Support for Facebook Business Account

If your problem and question with Facebook business are common like ‘how to create a Facebook business account’, ‘how to create a business page’, ‘how to run ads on Facebook’ then these types of common questions answer are available in their Facebook business help center.

facebook business help center

facebook business help center

You will get solutions and answers on Facebook business account topics like:

  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook billing or payment
  • Optimization
  • Facebook business account management
  • Also Instagram ads

Now if you did not find any solution and answers in those guides and you have any serious problem with your Facebook business account then you can submit your feedback to the Facebook business team and you will get a reply from them.

How to contact Facebook business support:

facebook report a problem in business account

facebook report a problem in business account

As I have already told you that Facebook doesn’t have a number, email and live chat service but for the Facebook business, they provide a contact form where you can choose the topic in which your question falls and describe your information section to tell about your problem or question.

facebook contact form for business account

facebook contact form for business account

Then you can hit the Submit Feedback button and wait for their reply.


Now we know that Facebook doesn’t provide any customer care number, email address and live chat option, the only way you can find your solution and answer is from their guides and articles which they are improving day by day, note: that if you check all guides then you will see that some guides bring you on their contact forms where you can describe your problem and get help, but for this your problem needs to be series and something like Facebook can’t explain in an article so there you must find a contact form.


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