Facebook Friend Suggestion Notification: Why and How to Stop?

If you are using Facebook then once you must have received the ‘Facebook friend suggestion notification‘ and not only once maybe you are continuously receiving this irritating notification and you always wonder that why you are receiving this notification in your Facebook account.

I can understand, I am also irritated with this notification, sometimes I also receive this on my mobile text message which is linked to my Facebook account.

The message looks like:

you have a new friend suggestion facebook notification

you have a new friend suggestion facebook notification

Let’s know why we receive such friend suggestion notifications on Facebook and how we can stop getting it and disable it.

Why You Recieve Facebook Friend Suggestion Notification?

  • Your Facebook notification for Friend Suggestions is enabled (which is by default).
  • You may be having a short Facebook friends list.
  • You may be visiting people’s Facebook profiles.
  • You may be using Facebook very rarely.
  • You may have weak Facebook’s privacy settings.
  • You may send friend requests from the ‘people you may know’ list.

There can be more unknown reasons for why Facebook sends you friend suggestion notifications.

I found the biggest reason for it is that your ‘Facebook notification for friend suggestions is enabled by default’ and causing all the irritating notifications which you may don’t want.

Now let’s see how you can stop these Facebook friend suggestion notifications for your Facebook account.

How to Stop or Disable Facebook Friend Suggestion Notifications

  1. Login to your Facebook account and click on the top right corner drop arrow icon.

    go to facebook settings

    go to facebook settings

  2. Click on the Settings option.
  3. On the left side, you will see many settings option, click on Notifications.

    click on facebook notification settings

    click on facebook notification settings

  4. Then you will see all types of notification settings of Facebook, click on ‘People you may know‘ notification settings. click on people you may know friend suggestions notification setting
  5. There your default setting is turned On for the Facebook friend suggestion.

    by default notification is on or enabled

    by default notification is on or enabled

  6. On the front right side of ‘Allow notifications on Facebook’, click turn on-off button for change the default ‘On notification‘ setting to ‘Off notification‘.

    turn off notification

    turn off notification

That’s it, now you no longer receive Facebook friend suggestions notification on your Facebook account.

How to Disable Facebook Friend Suggestion Notifications on Mobile App

If you use Facebook on mobile then you can stop or disable Facebook friend suggestion notifications on Mobile as well, but you must have a Facebook app for it, also it can be done on the Facebook lite app.

I am using the Facebook list app to demonstrate the steps, the steps will be the same for any Facebook app.

  1. Open your Facebook app and click on the three line menu icon on the top left side. click three line icon in facebook app
  2. Scroll down and you will see ‘Settings‘ option, click on it. click on settings option in facebook app
  3. Scroll down again and you will find Notifications section, click on Notification settings option. click on notification settings in Facebook app
  4. Click on ‘People you may know‘ option. click on people you may know option in facebook app
  5. If by default its turned on then click turn on-off button in front of ‘Allow notifications on Facebook’ and notifications will be turned off. turn off you have a friend suggestion notification in facebook app

Thanks for reading, hope it helps.


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