Facebook Password Reset Emails – Stop Hacker Requesting New Password

If you are receiving Facebook new password reset emails again and again even you are not requesting, then this can be a hacker’s work and you have to take immediate action on it to stop the hacker for requesting your Facebook account’s new password.

Whenever you forget your Facebook password you click on that forgot password option to change the password reset it bye you are added email address for mobile number.

For resetting the password Facebook asks for a way to send a code to reset your password, if you have added only mobile number then it will only ask for mobile number to send a code and same for the email address.

If you have added both on Facebook will give you a choice to select the one.

Whenever someone wants to hack your Facebook account the first thing they look for changing your Facebook password and that person go feel your username and then random password and click login then the person clicks on forget password as Facebook doesn’t know that it is a hacker or you, FB still gives reset password option.

The hacker choose your email address and request for the password and you receive this and you wonder that you didn’t even request for it, you realize that someone is trying to access your account.

That person can be a hacker or maybe someone who wants to bother you by requesting your Facebook account’s new password.

Now if you are getting those reset emails from Facebook, again and again, you probably want to take action on it or stop it.

So let’s know how you can do it if you are facing this problem.

How To Stop Hacker to Request New Password in Facebook

First go to your email account, the email which you have added in your Facebook account and receiving reset password emails.

Click on that email and open it, scroll down a little bit and you will see an option as a blue link called ‘let us know‘. Facebook is saying in this email that if this password is not requested by you then let them know.

facebook password reset email

Click on that blue link option, a Facebook message will show telling you that:

“Thanks for letting us know, we have recorded that you didn’t ask to reset your password”.

Now Facebook has received your complaint and they will take action on someone who requested that password unblock them from doing this again.

Whenever you receive reset password email from Facebook that you didn’t ask then follow these same steps to report about it.

let facebook know about unknown password reset email

Now you will see a continue button below this message of facebook, click on it.

Now Facebook will ask that if you are receiving too many password reset emails, then you can turn off reset the password from your Facebook username.

receiving too many password reset emails turn off reset password by username

So click on turn off reset for my username button.

What will happen is that now someone else won’t be able to find you with your Facebook username for requesting a Password reset for your Facebook account.

If that hacker or a person who is bothering you by requesting the password of your Facebook account from your Facebook username then that person won’t be able to request the password again by your username.

So in this way, you will be safe now and now no one else can requests a password for reset until they know your number or email address which you should hide from your account.

So that’s how you can stop getting those reset password emails from Facebook.

I hope this article helped you and if you have any question then comment below, I will reply.


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